StepStixx Wood Golf Tees

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Mr. Tee says...

Stressing over whether or not you have the ball teed up to the correct height is no way to spend your day. Way Big StepStixx® let you tee up your ball to the perfect height, every time! Then you can stress about more important things, such as finding your ball in the weeds.

Go ahead, take the STEP!

Available Colors:
White, Natural, Citrus Green, Citrus Orange, Citrus Pink & Citrus Mix
**NOTE: 1 3/8" StepStixx are only available in White, Natural and Citrus Mix.

Tee Quantity Per Bag:
1 3/8" = 50 Tees
2 1/8" = 50 Tees
2 3/4" = 40 Tees
3 1/4" = 30 Tees