Martini Golf Tees™

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Longer Tee.
Martini Tees are a full 3-1/4 inches tall, perfect for today’s larger drivers.
Longer Life.
No more carrying a forest of tees in your pocket when you’re on the course.  Martini Tees are made from a proprietary polymer resin blend to last a lot longer than old-fashioned wooden tees. You can get a year’s supply of tees for the same price as one martini cocktail.
Longer Drives.
Independent laboratory testing proves that Martini Tees give you drives that are both farther and a straighter, compared to wooden tees.

Martini golf tees are one of the hottest new golf tees on the market! They are durable, fun and conform with USGA rules. These are the latest craze in golf tees. They're fun. They're durable. They're easy to tee the ball upon.

Martini golf tees have been tested and proven to yield superior performance when compared with traditional wooden golf tees.